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Stacey Lynch

I'm Stacey co-owner and stylist/artist, living the dream since 2012. I enjoy my mornings at the neighbors house drinking coffee with my Granny Jean on the porch. Yes, my grandma is my neighbor! So grateful to have her so close. My favorite place to be is anywhere outside. I love the sun! Whether it be in my yard pulling weeds and planting flowers or watching a band at an outdoor venue. I’ve always considered myself to be a positive person. The glass half full; why not choose the bright side! I’m an animal lover! I have sweet Marley aka Turkey Leg-she’s rat terrier, majestic Fiona-my green eyed black cat, and two ducks-Ralph and Goose. They all love to visit Granny Jean, too.

Working Hours:
Tuesday & Thursday 12-7
Wednesday & Friday 10-5

Contact Info:

Salon 336-602-2700
Call/text 336-705-3161

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