Erica Holloway

I'm Boss Lady & Co-Owner here at the Pink Rhino. I'm a little more behind the scenes than Stacey.


I'm a Capricorn through & through; reputation for being bossy & overbearing about getting her way, strong work ethic & intently focused on climbing the mountain of ambition.


I may have been raised to be independent but wasn't born a natural entrepreneur. I'd say I got where I am today because of my ability to work super f***king hard!


I'm quite a private person, I find sharing things like this super hard, and I worry what people will think of me. (I feel sooo dumb taking a selfie)


Family & friends are super important to me, my mother is one of my best friends. Quality time trumps most things! Putting the phone down to have a thoughtful, intelligent conversation is my favorite. But I do enjoy getting thoughtful gifts for my friends to show appreciation. #lovelanguage


I have the most phenomenal husband, Jake! He handles my crazy with grace & loves my fur-baby Jack like if he actually wanted a dog. lol (they have a love-hate relationship)


I'm currently reading "Greenlights" & my favorite station is 98.1 Classic Country!

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Stacey Lynch

I'm Stacey co-owner and stylist/artist, living the dream since 2012.

I enjoy my mornings at the neighbors house drinking coffee with my Granny Jean on the porch. Yes, my grandma is my neighbor! So grateful to have her so close.

My favorite place to be is anywhere outside. I love the sun! Whether it be in my yard pulling weeds and planting flowers or watching a band at an outdoor venue.

I’ve always considered myself to be a positive person. The glass half full; why not choose the bright side!

I’m an animal lover! I have sweet Marley aka Turkey Leg-she’s rat terrier, majestic Fiona-my green eyed black cat, and two ducks-Ralph and Goose. They all love to visit Granny Jean, too.


Madison Johnson

Hi! My names Madison, you guys can call me Madi! I’m an independent stylist here at the Pink Rhino.

When I’m not behind the chair I spend most of my time with my boyfriend Jordan and Frankie, our spoilt golden doodle! If you’re lucky you might get to meet her, she tags along with me some days at work! We spend most weekends in our sprinter van traveling as much as possible, seeing all the sights and always looking for a new adventure. 
If I’m not in the van you can find me and Frankie curled up in our comfy chair reading a scary book & sharing some popcorn or listening to a true crime podcast.

I can’t wait to meet each & every one of you!

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Alexandria Gardner

I'm Alex, Pink Rhino’s Hairstylist & Assistant!

Born and raised here in NC, I’m a 22 year old living life to the fullest. Oldest of my beautiful sisters and crazy little brother, I come from a big family whom I cherish.


I graduated from beauty school a year ago, I now spend my days working behind the chair & helping out while furthering my education with an amazing team. I enjoy adventures with my bubs aka Zeus, my 3 year old brindle pit bull. He is my son, therefore spoiled and sleeps in the bed.


I would describe myself as a sunflower; bright and open, believed to seek out the light and hold their heads high though they may wilt at times.  Extreme extrovert, I love a good conversation and meeting new friends! Nature lover, giggle box, and Dunkin’ queen. Spending time with family and friends means the world to me but I do enjoy my alone time.


Hair is hair but the feeling of making others look and feel beautiful is what I love most about my career.

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