Erica Holloway

I'm Founder & Stylist here at the Pink Rhino, I'm a little more behind the scenes than Stacey.


I'm a Capricorn through & through; reputation for being bossy & overbearing about getting her way, strong work ethic & intently focused on climbing the mountain of ambition.


I may have been raised to be independent but wasn't born a natural entrepreneur. I'd say I got where I am today because of my ability to work super f***king hard!


Family & friends are important to me, my mother is one of my best friends. Quality time trumps most things! Putting the phone down to have a thoughtful, intelligent conversation is my favorite. But I do enjoy getting gifts for my friends to show appreciation. 


I have the most phenomenal husband, Jake! He handles my crazy with grace & loves my fur-baby Jack like if he actually wanted a dog. lol 


I'm currently reading "Atlas of the Heart" & my favorite station is 98.1 Classic Country!

Contact Me 

Phone: 336-602-2700

Email: erica


Working hours: Tues & Thur 12-7

                           Wed & Fri 10-5

Admin hours: Mon 9-3

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Service Menu

Hybrid Pricing 

Time expected & service price is a starting investment and will vary depending on length, density & health of each client.

Product cost is separate from the service pricing and will be added at the end of your service.


'The Margo' $134 + 12.50 product cost = $146.50

I'm excited about the changes, not only is going to help me with my livelihood but allows me to invest more money back into the business to cultivate a better environment for you. 

All of my blonding\color services include:

  • ph balancing treatment  

  • bond control

  • quality products

  • haircut & style

Halo Couture

A few easy steps to quickly transform your hair to extend your length, add volume or enhance your color, perfect extension for everyone.

Schedule a consultation to discuss which Halo fits your on-the-go lifestyle.


On-the-go solution to add length & volume for a natural effect.


12" | 16" | 20" | 24"

23 shades & 7 balayage shades



A seamless piece to add maximum length & volume with 2-3 extra gradual layers for dense or thick hair.

14" | 18" | 22"

30% more hair

max volume & density

23 shades & 7 balayage shades


Modern Young Girl