Erica Matthews

I'm Boss Lady & Co-Owner here at the Pink Rhino. I'm a little more behind the scenes than Stacey.


I'm a Capricorn through & through; reputation for being bossy & overbearing about getting her way, strong work ethic & intently focused on climbing the mountain of ambition.


I may have been raised to be independent but wasn't born a natural entrepreneur. I'd say I got where I am today because of my ability to work super f***king hard!


I'm quite a private person, I find sharing things like this super hard, and I worry what people will think of me. (I feel sooo dumb taking a selfie)


Family & friends are super important to me, my mother is one of my best friends. Quality time trumps most things! Putting the phone down to have a thoughtful, intelligent conversation is my favorite. But I do enjoy getting thoughtful gifts for my friends to show appreciation. #lovelanguage


I have the most phenomenal boyfriend, Jake! He handles my crazy with grace & loves my fur-baby Jack like if he actually wanted a dog. lol (they have a love-hate relationship)


I'm currently reading "77 Shadow Street" & my favorite station is 98.1 Classic Country!

Stacey Lynch

I am so delighted to be the Co-Owner of Pink Rhino Beauty Parlor! I've been living the dream since 2012! Always increasing my knowledge about new techniques and products. I adore what I Do! It's such a satisfying and rewarding career. I get to make so many beautiful friendships, and of course, beautiful HAIR!

Christina Dancy

I've been in the business for 3 years but that doesn't limit my ability to create the style for you. I feel that my purpose as a stylist is to make men and women feel great about themselves.


I love everything involving hair and I'm given a very broad spectrum of creativity in this industry. While you're in my chair I will always give the best experience that I can. If we meet an obstacle, I will work a compromise that will give you the next best thing.


My overall goal is to give you the upmost satisfactory service. Let me get to know you and your hair. 


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